J. SOARES CORREIA – ARMAZÉNS DE FERRO, S.A. classified as a “Strong” company in the most recent Plimsoll report!

It is with great pride that we announce that J. Soares Correia – Armazéns de Ferro, S.A. has been ranked in the “Strong” category in the latest report by Plimsoll Publishing Limited, a detailed analysis of “Europe’s Top 1091 Metal Wholesalers”. This distinction reaffirms our prominent position in the European market, highlighting our financial strength and superior performance.

Key takeaways from the report:
• “Strong” category: Only 687 companies achieved this rating, highlighting our robustness and operational excellence.
• Market positioning: We are the 280th largest and 282nd most profitable company in the European market.
• Growth and value: We are among the 347 fastest-growing companies and are the 222nd most valuable.

This recognition is the result of the continuous effort and dedication of our entire team, as well as the trust of our partners and customers.
We remain committed to following a successful trajectory, continuing to provide high-quality products and services.